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Keep Hope Alive with Gretchen Keskeys

Nov 30, 2021

If you’ve experienced anxiety you know that it can be crippling to a life. In this episode of Keep Hope Alive, Gretchen Keskeys shares hope and healing for those whose lives are burdened  by fear, worry or anxiety. Tune in to hear how Gretchen’s life was healed completely. From paralyzing fear and anxiety to...

Nov 16, 2021

I discuss what hope is and what happens when we put our hope in the wrong things. How changing that focus to Jesus changes everything. 

Nov 3, 2021

Are you a believer struggling to overcome anxiety, depression, or just discouragement? Host Gretchen Keskeys is a Christian speaker and writer that has experienced profound healing through Christ. In every episode of Keep Hope Alive, she shares Biblical truths for our daily lives and current times, which...